Core Partners

This established partnership has developed a range of innovative global aircraft component services solutions designed to fit with the requirements of airlines and fleet operators worldwide.

FL Technics acts as one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance solutions’ provider, serving customers from Europe, the CIS, and Asia-Pacific. With representative offices in Lithuania, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Russia and Poland, the company provides services in Base Maintenance facilities in Lithuania and Indonesia, as well as through an extensive network of Line Maintenance support across Europe, Asia Pacific and the CIS.

Haas Group International specializes in reducing cost and improving processes associated with chemical use in manufacturing. From start to finish, Haas supports clients with procurement, use, and disposal of chemical materials, and makes sure each part of the process follows the highest standards of safety and care. With such a wide selection of metal products, raw materials, and composite consumables available off-the-shelf, Haas provides its clients with the right material, just at the right time, for any of the following industries: Aerospace & Defense , Aviation / MRO , Automotive & Truck OEM , Manufacturing , Electronics, Energy , Food & Beverage.

AJW Aviation provides lease packages to satisfy many requirements from Main Base Kit to line outstation. With AJW the repair, overhaul and modification of leased components can be fully managed. Leasing a part means you avoid costly depreciation

SR Technics provides technical solutions for airlines worldwide. Our services are provided either directly to the airline or through other parties such as aircraft leasing companies, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or component trading companies.